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The healthcare industry in India has witnessed a massive increase in investment that is particularly evident by the rising number of public and private hospitals, military hospitals, clinics and speciality centres that have been constructed and developed across the country over the last few years. It has also become a necessity on how a hospital is well managed and well equipped to sustain the growing Indian population and needs of healthcare infrastructure.

Hospital Planning & Infrastructure (H.P.I.) is the most credible trade fair witnessed by the hospital infrastructure industry with validated industry buyers including key budget holders, policy makers and investors, who represent the real power behind this thriving industry, visiting the show. H.P.I. also suffices the growing need of the industry on how to efficiently run a hospital and meet the demands of efficient manpower in proportion to the growing human healthcare needs.

Hospital Planning & Infrastructure (H.P.I.) in its third edition, is set to raise the benchmark for the hospital infrastructure industry with leading and relevant names at the show, because it's here where 'Decision Makers Get Together and Business Happens'.